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If you have never had sex, you are normal! 80% of girls and 75% of boys under 16 haven’t had sex. Try to avoid sex until you are in a long-term committed relationship. Casual sex can cause lots of anxieties, and unprotected sex (no condoms) can cause Chlamydia (there's lots in Torbay!) or other STD's (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), or even babies! So take time to find the right person to have sex with.

If you are worried about STD’s then talk to us or phone the “GUM” clinic on 01803 656500 to get checked out or just drop in to the Castle Circus Health Centre Torquay on a Thursday afternoon after school 3pm-4.40pm. Also SEXWIZE is your friendly guide to sexual health and contraception services within Torbay.